Each year World Nature Conservation Day takes place on 28th July and surveying how to protect, conserve, and manage the earth's natural resources. Nature needs guardians, and we can preserve this diversity, and ensure that there is enough for future generations. The earth gives a basic necessity to live, such as trees, soil, minerals, food, air, animals, birds, insects, etc., so we must keep our nature clean and healthy.

Planting a tree, Gift a sapling

Trees are vital; they give life to the world's wildlife and human beings. It gives us oxygen to live, carbon alive, and fertility of the soil.

God created the world not only for human beings, but it is also for animals, birds, insects, etc. Many of them cut the trees for unwanted reasons that lead to dangerous situations for living creatures and the environment. Look into that; we have duties to protect our trees and living organisms, plant and save the trees to save our lives.

Depletion of natural resources

There are many threats to the environment, such as deforestation, using non-biodegradable products, illegal activities against wildlife, pollution, and as more factors cause an unhealthy environment. This leads to an imbalance in the ecosystem and faces the risk of natural disasters; global warming causes diseases to human beings and destroys wildlife.

To overcome these scenarios, preserve the living creatures and create awareness of society, encourage people to protect our environment, and present a green environment to our future generations.

Celebrate Natural Conservation day at home with simple contributions you can do.

1. Use bio-green, eco-friendly products to protect our environment.

2. Conserve water by day to day life by instead of using a shower, taking a bucket bath, reuse water after washing your veggies, cloth, etc., repair the leaky taps, and while unused the water closes the faucet, etc.

3. Rainwater harvesting methods help increase the groundwater level and reduce soil erosion.

4. Keep water and food for birds outdoors at home.

5. Avoid using Plastic grocery-things and use recycling products.

6. Try to use less amount of paper to avoid cutting trees.

7. If you have not enough space to grow a tree, you start doing indoor plants and use the balcony as a kitchen garden.

From this day, take a pledge to put an effort to protect the environment, maintain a pleasant atmosphere, and conserve natural resources. Together makes great things, Creates a healthy environment, and saves living creature gifts to our future generations.

GTrendz wishes World Nature Conservation day and stays tuned for more exciting updates.