World food day is celebrating globally to honor the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on 16th October. One of the essential things in our daily life is food. FAO aims to produce high-quality food and security for healthy lives. The main motto of our challenge is to create awareness in society and initial level change to make a healthy environment.

Why is World Food Day celebrated?

“ Our actions are our future ”-This day is to celebrate, create awareness globally and ensure food security for healthy lives.

  • Raise awareness to society

Create awareness regarding the importance of food day through social media like Whatsapp, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.,

  • Pay attention to Zero hunger

We want to achieve Zero hunger to create a healthy and happy environment.

  • Say no to waste a Food

Taste food but don’t waste food and save it wisely. Because, it has loads of water, vegetables, oils, groceries, etc.,

  • Avoid junk food

The habit of junk food causes under nutrition, obesity, diabetic problems, digestive issues, etc,.

  • Good nutrition

Well-nourished mothers give birth to healthier babies with high immune systems.

Zero Hunger

Zero hunger is the priority for celebrating World Food Day. The simple actions to help you make Zero Hunger ways they are

  • Maintain a healthy and sustainable diet.
  • Say no to wasting food.
  • Serve food, poor people.
  • Store food wisely.
  • Implement Kitchen gardens in your home.
  • Don't waste water and keep us clean & tidy.
  • Support food producers, farmers, local shoppers, etc.,
  • Buy organic products and stay healthy.

GTrendz wishes Happy World Food Day, Let's us build a safer, more prosperous world for our healthy life.