Why select the best footwear options during monsoon season because it takes time to dry our footwear, germs formed around the feet, and your feet get freezy. In this blog, we share the key ideas to pick the right pair of shoes for rainy weather.

Tips for choosing the best footwear in monsoon season

Many collections choose the best rain-appropriate footwear with features like washable type, quick-dry, water-resistant, avoids slip-on, etc.

1.Chose a water-proof pairs

Water-proof pairs are the best options for the monsoon season because they are easy to wash, less time to dry, lightweight and durable.

2.Select odor- resistant feature

During the monsoon season, it takes time to dry our footwear that leads to odor smell then inconvenient to use. So, you can choose an odor-resistant feature to avoid that problem.

3. Use sandals collections

The sandal collections make you walk comfortably, and the sole grip provides better grips. This model is water-friendly for the monsoon season; it wets easily and offers better breathability.

4. Go for Flip-flops

Flip-flop collections are well suitable for rainy weather to avoid the slip-on and easy to water away. Feel free from germs around the feet and keep you comfy, stylish, etc.,

5. Say no to heels

During monsoon season, avoid using heel type with or without the strap. While you walk on wet surfaces, it chances make you slip down.

6. Use Eva sole

Eva sole is the right choice to use in the rainy season. The moisture content quickly gets fungus and bacteria in the leather shoe, so Eva foam makes you free from infections.

7. Avoid sport or canvas shoe

While shoes are in wet condition, don't be kept in a shoe rack or under the bed, it causes fungus and produces odor smell to all collections. Fabric or leather shoes lead the growth of bacteria, so keep the product under the sun to make it dry.

The above pieces of information are helpful tips for you and make your feet happy.

Thank you for reading this blog, and stay tuned for more interest updates.