Every problem has a solution as like for the ortho and foot problems Orthocare footwear is one of the best solutions. It specially designed for those who are facing foot pain problems and Diabetic neuropathy. This footwear supports the entire foot to walk comfortably and reduce the pressure points.


Medifeet products concerning the ortho and diabetic patient designed the products like extra soft cushioning with soft sole results pain relief, reduce pressure to make a comfortable feel to the users.


Orthorest specially made of the air-cushion sole using special polymers this product is very helpful for those suffering from plantar fasciitis and related foot problems. It will be reduced by continuous using regular walking or pressure on the foot.

Doctor Extra soft

Doctor Extra soft product is well suitable for diabetic and Orthopedic issues designed by lab-tested sole cushioned Foot-Bed enhances comfort to walk and good support to the ailing feet.


Panlin has customized handmade Diabetic & Orthopaedic footwear. It has a unique feature that absorbs the shock and provides the maximum comfort, the soft Microsoft upper leather prevents the skin from chafing.


Cromostyle offers orthopedic shoes & sandals give a trendy look to wear. This product is suitable for the who suffer from Toe Muscle Pain, High Arch, Lower Back Pain is used to heal Diabetic foot Problems and gives support to those who suffer from poor blood circulation in their feet.

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