Happy monsoon!!. We are waiting for this monsoon season to enjoy a chill climate creating fervor and pleasant moments. In this scenario, we face one of the difficulties of taking care of our footwear. In this blog, we share the best tips on how to take care of your shoes this monsoon season.

Simple tips to take care of your shoes in the rainy season

The main thing is to stay in your shoes in a hygienic manner that results in the best pair and high longevity. In addition to that, many

1.Stay dry your footwear

The pair of shoes is in wet condition, it causes fungal infections, germs, etc., forms around your shoe. It creates skin-related foot problems, clean your shoe with soap or soap powder, and keep them dry.

2. Wear clean socks

Use a pair of socks once a day and wash them well. Otherwise, it causes you allergies, rashes, etc.,

3. Use waterproof shoe

Pick a waterproof shoe and perfect suit for the rainy season. It gets dry easily, feels free from sweating problems, high flexible with longevity, and acts as a multi-purpose shoe.

4. Avoid smelly shoe

You can use the smelly shoe, it makes you feel uncomfortable to use and gives you skin related problems. Select a breathable material that allows air it prevents sweating problems.

5.Insoles and laces

Buy extra insoles and laces because you can wash and dry it easily. It keeps your feet warm and boosts the cushioning effect. This makes you feel comfy zone during the rainy season.

In addition to the above tips, always wear clean socks and try to use rubber footwear for the duration of the rainy season.

6.Rainy footwear

Select footwear apt for the rainy season to say no to high heels use a sandal, flip flops, and ballerina. Pick a waterproof and breathable footwear collection. Because the water easily gets evaporate and keeps your feet at comfort.

Let's not worry about your footwear issues follow these tips and keep your feet happy.

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