Your online business’s profit and loss are determined by how well you handle the return orders. In this article, We will briefly see how to handle return orders properly.

The first thing to do when a seller receives an order, should call the customer and verify the delivery address. Most sellers do not check the customer shipping address before shipping an order to the customer. It’s necessary to confirm an order before you ship, because there are many reasons why the customer did not want the product, such as children playing with the phones, or if the customer just wanted to know whether the site works or not. At gtrendz-online, we have seen a lot of reasons this could happen in e-commerce. So when you call the customer to confirm the order, you should verify all the details such as name, address, door number, landmark, and the product details like size or color variant. In this way, you can altogether avoid handling unnecessary returns and reduce the expenses.

Customers should be able to return orders because of two reasons. Return to the origin and Return to your local store. Return-to-origin is a popular choice for most products. Not all products have their shops all over the country, so if a product has its store in the locality, it could return to that store branch. For example, Let’s assume you are buying a product in the Decathlon site, you may receive the product from another city. Decathlon has its store in multiple cities, so you are eligible to return the product to the nearest store, which is in your locality. And it is a cost-effective method when handling returns. But often the first method Return-to-origin used 95% of the time.

Most importantly, your site should have a return policy because the users should have read and agreed with the return policy before initiating a return order. By having a reasonable return policy builds more trust among the users. Also, don’t forget about the return refund policy. Maintaining a proper and legal policy will help in the growth of your online business.

Try to minimize the time taken for a return-order. For example, some sellers allow return-period up to 15 days. Usually, customers don’t wait 15 days to return a product, but having more days covers the delay of delivery, customer availability during delivery, or sometimes customers request a replacement with different size variants. So having a flexible return policy builds trust and value among the users. If your products are eligible for a return, let your customers know in the website when they purchase.

All return orders are an extra expense on your shipping budget for the order. If you are a business amateur, it will be challenging to manage that. You should not charge the customer for return shipping, and it is best to give the customer free shipping on a return order. Because most orders won’t be return by customers unless they have a problem with that. Even though most orders not returned does not mean there is no need for a return option, you must provide the return option so that customer can feel protected. Also, give assurance on secure and safe pickup of the return order. If your business is in the initial stage, following this method may lead to some loss, but if you implement it in the growth stage, it will help boost your business.

Always approve the return after a valid reason. Provide users with some legitimate reasons that they can select and request a return. If the customer wants to return the product and buy something, you can allow the return by charging a small fee for it, and this is most agreeable among all users. In today’s situation, if you are loyal to your customers, your customers will be faithful to your business.

Some customers might try to return products after they used it. To avoid this kind of case, you should contact the customer, confirm the product condition with a photo before approving a return request, And check the product condition during pickup. These actions will justify how much responsibility your business is willing to take and create more faithful customers.

Having partnered up with the right courier and payment gateway, you can provide a full refund for any return orders. Refunds initiated as soon as your courier pickups the return order. Keeping all these in check will help in the growth of your online business. Customers should feel that they can trust your website in any purchases by the assurance and support you give them. By following this soon, you will have returning-customers more than new-customers. Thank you for reading, Stay tuned for more on business lessons.