Today we will see the most popular shoemaker in the world and their products. The company started in Quebec, Canada. Later they entered the Indian market in 1992. Leather shoes were the most produced and mostly exported to the soviet union. But after the dissolution of the USSR into various states, the company decided to broaden the sales into other countries as well. That was the time the first hand-stitched leather shoe launched. Hence the brand "Woodland" made.

When the woodland shoes hit the market, the entire shoe market took a hit. During the sports has been on the rise, every year more people started to get into the adventurous spirit of woodland shoes. These shoes got more attention from campers, athletes, adventure sportspeople. The company successfully managed to keep up the growth spurt.

The company came up with a brand vision that attracted more people than ever. "TO EMPOWER EXPLORERS EVERYWHERE" Implying that Woodland brand shoes are rugged, made for outdoor, and preferred by adventure fanatics.

Woodland Products

The brand started offering a wide range of footwear, apparel, and outdoor gear. Products such as lightweight jackets, long jackets (parka), and outdoor solutions for adventure enthusiasts. These products kept people comfy, warm, and dry in all weather conditions.

Woodland World Wide

It has now become an internationally recognized brand. As of now, woodland has 600 outlets worldwide.

Woodland Manufacturing

The brand has its manufacturing unit. With the experience of industry experts and manufacturers, woodland products assembled in seven countries. And these experts make sure that there is no compromise in quality or performance. Hence reaching the highest quality standard in their products.

Innovation & Eco-Friendly

The company is always working on innovative shoe designs and creative manufacturing processes with German technology and Italian machinery. Also, they uphold their position in the green movement with the help of a partnership with organizations such as  Leave No Trace, UNICEF, and WWF, etc. The company came up with a community that helps with energy conservation and elimination of wastes to minimize the environmental damage.

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