We have seen some fundamentals in our previous business lessons, and today we are going to learn two more vital things that you require. What is that you ask? A proper mindset is necessary for anyone who wants to start a business. Other than every other thing you do for business, you need a positive mindset, and only you can create that for yourself. And the second one is building trust among your investors and the team.

You might ask how this is going to help with my business. The human mind is a complicated thing; our thoughts can make significant impacts on our life, as well as on your business decisions too. So you must have a proper mindset. You can achieve this by reading some books.

There are some great books available that can help you understand and get some perspective before you jump into something.

First Book

The Secret (Tamil): https://www.amazon.in/SECRET-Tamil-Rh...

The Secret (English): https://www.amazon.in/Secret-Rhonda-B...

This book is available in many languages worldwide. We know how our thoughts can impact our life; this book will help you understand how your ideas work.

Second Book

Think and Grow Rich (Tamil): https://www.amazon.in/Think-Grow-Rich...

Think and Grow Rich (English): https://www.amazon.in/Think-Grow-Rich...

Many entrepreneurs and business people suggest this book. This book will help you on how to create a positive way of thinking, what kinds of thoughts will lead to success. This book comes with great real-life examples for easy learning. Also, don't miss out on topics regarding desires and self-belief.

Third Book

Ennangal (Tamil): https://www.amazon.in/Ennangal-Udayam...

After reading the first two books, you should read this one to get an overview and a revision of what you learned in those books. It's a small book, and you will be able to read this book in a day. A motivational speaker from college suggested us this book, We read the book, and we got to say this is a genuinely inspirational piece of work.

Fourth Book

How to Win Friends and Influence People (Tamil): https://www.amazon.in/How-Friends-inf...

How to Win Friends and Influence People (English): https://www.amazon.in/How-Win-Friends...

This book is available in many languages. Whoever you are, this book has something for everyone. This book has trusted among many peoples and communities.

It is important because business is not dependent on one person; it depends on all of its connections such as customers, vendors, etc. So you have to become an influencer, and this book will teach you that. Also, this book comes with real-life examples. You will learn things such as how to talk to people without hurting them, how to realize mistakes etc.

Fifth Book

Business is not just something you do. It is a lifestyle, and this book will help you on how you can set up this lifestyle.


As you can understand by the book title, this book will help you optimize your habits to become highly effective.

The Final Book

Rich Dad Poor Dad (Tamil): https://www.amazon.in/Rich-Dad-Poor-T...

It is one of the most popular books in the world. When you start a business, you might not understand things such as active income, passive income, investment money, outcomes, and which is what, etc. This book will give you a clear understanding of the above mentioned and learn things such as how to handle money, what its value is, and which is the right way to do something in business.

Don't rush up to finish reading the books; it can take up to six months to one year based on your reading speed. These books have deeper meanings and facts. So if you maintain notes when you read these books, it can be constructive to look at later.

The Special Book - The Richest Man in Babylon

They say not all people can buy this book quickly, because before you study this book, you have to be mentally prepared, only then you will be able to get this book. We are not so sure about the rumors. But no worries, you can buy this book online.

Here is our favorite quote from this book

"Gold laboreth diligently and contentedly for the wise owner who finds for it profitable employment, multiplying even as the flocks of the field." – George S. Clason, The Richest Man in Babylon

Get these books and get started, Happy Reading everyone!. We will be seeing more business lessons in upcoming articles, Stay tuned.