The COVID-19 is everywhere; to raise awareness between our followers, we are sharing some protective measures against the coronavirus disease that you should take to protect yourself. People who are affected by coronavirus experience mild illness, and they recover. But for other people, it can be severe.

Five Protective Measures to Protect yourself

  • Wash your hands more often.
  • Cough into tissue paper (paper handkerchief).
  • Don't touch your face.
  • Don't touch or kiss or hug other people because when you go out, we often come in contact with other people.
  • Avoid going out often, avoid crowded places, meetings, and gatherings.

Five Protective Measures to Protect others

  • Quarantine yourself if you are sick.
  • Inform the people you recently came in contact with
  • Seek immediate medical care.
  • Do not share anything that you use with others in the house.
  • Wear masks, and properly dispose of used tissue and face masks.
Hand Washing. Source: CDC

If you show signs of symptoms such as breathing problems, cough, fever, chest pain, etc., seek medical care immediately. Stay safe, spend your time watching tv, Netflix, or whatever it is you do. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for updates.