Doctors on earth are like gods in heaven.

National Doctor's Day is an opportunity for the people to express their gratitude and honor towards Doctors. The profession of doctors is perhaps most respected for service to society and the contribution of doctors in our lives.

The day specially dedicated to thanking and tribute every year of July 1st as National Doctors Day.

What is the history behind the celebration?

For every celebration, a marvelous history is behind like that, the legendary physician and West Bengal's second Chief Minister, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, whose birth and death anniversary coincides on the same day.

National Doctor's Day first celebrated in July 1991, He is not only a doctor, teaching staff of Calcutta Medical College, freedom fighter then leader of Indian National Congress and later chief minister of West Bengal.Dr.Bidhan Chandra Roy honored with Bharat Ratna's award on February 4th, 1961.

Dr.Bidhan Chandra Roy's life history makes highlights the value of doctors in our lives.

Why the Doctor wear a white coat?

From the twentieth-century, the doctors started wearing a white coat. It is especially denoting the protect self against infection from the surrounding and patients. The white color considered the impression of cleanliness, peace then patients can remain positive in a stressful environment.

Salute to the Real Hero

A person who selflessly and deserves for saves humankind in one or more ways then god on this earth undoubtedly, it's achieved only by Doctors. In the COVID-19 pandemic, Doctors are at the forefront of the fight against the corona and their efforts, spirit uniques position to save our lives.

GTrendz wishes the Happy doctors day, Thanking you for your noble profession has the intention of serving humanity in their whole life then you inspire many with your life.