There are not even at least ten shops in south India that have an online presence out of 100 shops. There is healthy growth in online sales in today's situation, but in the southern part of India, the online stores are fading away in numbers. In this article, we will see the importance of e-commerce presence for your business.

It may look like businesses are losing interest in taking their business online, but the truth is there is not much awareness and knowledge about the importance of online presence. We have talked about why your business must have an online presence in all our previous business blogs.

For example, let assume you have a footwear business in your city of five thousand people in the population. And let's assume there are at least 30 people in need of buying footwear every day. And yes, there might be other footwear shops in your city, so let's cut the traffic to half of those 30 people. If your shop is famous, you might get 10 - 20 sales every day because your store is easily accessible only to the people who live around the same area. Most possibly, there won't be any more people who can get access to your store if they are from outside the side or live in a remote area. Then sales won't be enough for your business to clear your thousands of footwear products in stock, resulting in loss or failure. These are the reasons why a business needs an online presence to sell products outside the boundary. So that people from anywhere across the country will be able to access your products. Many small businesses in North India do not have physical stores, but they have a warehouse and have an online store to sell their products across India. And they are doing it on a large scale. Considering this, you have a physical operating store and products, why should not you have an online presence. You only need an hour to manage your online store every day. And this can help you reach a lot of users and get brand recognition among the people. By taking your business online, you can easily see what people buy more or what they need based on their places. If people from other city places more orders, you could open up a branch for your physical store in that city. All these online insights can help your business grow across the country. If you choose not to go online, your business will never grow; it only stays within the city.

Some businesses have this fear that people might cheat if they take their business online, and yes, that existed some time ago, but not in today's situation. There are a lot of ways to stay safe when doing online business. And we have the big marketplaces today, which are 100% secure to take your business online.

There are many advantages to going online, and it will become much easier in the clearing of unsold products in stock. Because if you can clear the inventory within your store's city, imagine when your store is accessible across the country. You can turn more profit because you will never have unsold products in your inventory. But yes, they will be shipping charges for all products, some of the products won't be profitable, but you can minimize if you are selling products in vast quantities. Your profits will cover that up.

In today's situation, online shopping is increasing across the world. If you have noticed, recently, Facebook has invested in Jio. Facebook is going to provide software and data for Reliance to start its e-commerce across the country. At least now, we hope you understand the importance of e-commerce for your business. If some big online company offers a price that your business can't provide, people will choose to buy online even if they can buy the product from you. So don't let opportunities slip away; take your business online before someone else make you.

In this covid19 lockdown, you might have seen many businesses have their online site to deliver the grocery and food. Businesses face huge losses because they can't open their shops, but companies with an online presence have no issue running their business even in the lockdown. So consider this as a good lesson, and take your business online.

If you have any other doubts about running an online business, please look at our previous blogs or our YouTube videos to understand better. If you need any help, feel free to ask us. We are happy to help you the best we can.

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more exciting topics.