The proven fact about online businesses is, having high customer engagement increases your profit. Your business profit depends on how much your customers engage with your business or website. In this article, we will briefly see how to keep your customers engaged with your business.


Nowadays, customers who want to learn new things are growing in number more than customers who only buy things. For example, if a customer enters a site to buy some product, your website should also tell your customer why they need it. If you take any big businesses, you might notice the blog on their site. In those blogs, a company can share their problems, information about new products, and opportunities and challenges they face.

Offers & Rewards

Offers and Rewards are one of the most followed methods to get high customer engagement. Offers are available in many types, such as buy collections, buy one get one free, or get a big discount if you are a first time user, etc. You can choose whichever is suitable for your business. And the next thing is Rewards, and it is an effective way to keep your customers or make them want to stay with your service. When a customer purchases some product, you can reward them with coupons or vouchers, which can be used during the next purchase. For example, Take a look at Flipkart Super-coins. It's the same concept of coupons but also with some extra possibilities. You can use the coins to get a discount on the next purchase or buy a digital service entirely free.

Season Offers

It is also known as target coupons or offers. An online business should offer these during festive seasons like Diwali, or Holy, etc. For example, Holy is mostly celebrated only in North India. So you could offer coupons for North Indian users. And customers may easily remember during festive seasons, where to shop online. It's also a good practice to remind your customers about the season offers via email or SMS.

Customer Support

Imagine you walk into a store, and you ask for a product to the sales representative. If you have asked for a specific product, he will show the product you ask for or else if you have no idea what product you want to buy, you might ask him for suggestions. The context here is there will be someone to guide through the process when you walk into a store, but when it comes to online shopping, there is no one to help you, even if the website has the guided user interface throughout the process. Some people still may need help, so it is good to have this kind of support this alongside orders and payment support. So you should add an easy access customer support icon on your homepage.

Target Audience

When customers want to buy a product, they visit multiple websites and check the product and reviews, so 90% of the time, customers don't buy. So how to get them to buy on your website, you ask?

Affiliate Marketing is the answer; this will target your customers using cookies and display your product ads repeatedly, and it builds some trust among the users. And as a result of this persuasion, customers will finally buy the product on your website. There are a lot of sites that use affiliate marketing. For example, If you search a product on amazon and check a few products and not buy them, and you visit some other website, and here you will see the product you searched on amazon as an advertisement. This marketing is less expensive than the other one.


It is a question-and-answer website, but we can also call it a business discussion forum because there are many topics about business. People come to shopping sites to find a solution to their problem, So you need to provide a solution that is not just a product. Quora has all kinds of questions and answers that might even relate to your business, so create your official business profile in Quora and give your best solutions. And this gets the recognition of your business or website among the users or customers.

Whatever techniques you implement, if your website does not sell a proper product, it is all nothing. So you should deliver a good product by all means necessary. That is what gets the customer to come back to your business.

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more on business lessons.