Today we will learn about the single vendor shopping sites. You may already have an existing business, or you are about to start one—this article elaborates on how to build a trusted shopping site for your business.

Domain Name

The first thing for an online business is to buy the right domain name. For example, "," here "amazon" is the domain name, and ".com" is the domain extension. Many popular extensions are popular today, such as .online, .store, for an online store are available. You can choose any one of those as the first extension for your website. Everyone recognizes .com extension for a domain name, but today's trend is to use appropriate extension for the domain. For example, a construction business named "SGV Constructions" should buy "" instead of "" because the shorter the name is, it is easy to remember. And it also helps in the google search ranking of your website.

Building your website

There are two ways to do this, the most reliable one is hiring developers and designers to build your unique and customizable website according to your needs. And the second one is creating your website using platforms like Shopify, Shophippo, WordPress, Prestashop, etc.

In India, most businesses still use old technologies to build websites that are not safe and secure. Which also affects your search engine ranking.

The best way is to hire developers and design your website; this way, you own everything they build for you. They will use the latest technology software to develop your website. You should tie-up with a website development company to properly maintain your website.

Frontend & Backend

The user interface seen by your customers is the frontend. The things are not visible like personal information, and functionalities such as placing orders and databases are the backend.

What is the frontend? A homepage with a  list of products to sell, a search tab your find products, a product page to see product details with buy now, add to cart action buttons. Choosing a payment mode ( they are integrated with a payment gateway to collect money. ).

These are some important things you see on the frontend. Helpful things to include in the frontend are order tracking and customer support on your website.

What is the backend? Updating your inventory, linking with the shipping provider's API for order tracking, integrating with social media, Managing products, controlling SEO is all the backend. There will A dashboard or control panel allows you to manage both frontend and backend operations.

Whether you choose a web development company or choosing a platform like Shopify, knowing all these things will help you manage your online business.


It's part of the backend and a vital one for your online business growth. You can ask the backend team to work on SEO for your website or hire a third party to improve SEO. In platforms like Shopify, there are extensions or plugins that you can buy to improve your site's SEO.

Now that you learned about creating a domain name, building the website, frontend & backend, and SEO, the next is Hosting your website and cloud server. A computer where your site lives known as hosting. A server serves the data to users when your site is accessed. Your server should be faster so that users won't experience any lag or slow speeds when engaged.

Promotions (Digital Branding)

Having options such as social media sharing on your website allows the users to share your products or a link to friends and family. Your site should allow the popular sharing options such as sharing to Facebook or sharing with WhatsApp. Sending promotional emails and SMS to your customers will remind the therm of your business. It helps your business to keep your customers engaged. Also, you could start writing a blog for your business to attract more people. For example, let's assume you have an oil business; you could write about that. Or take us, for example, we write about footwear.

Your website should have regular updates such as posters or banners, new slides on the site, promoting the latest offers, etc. The best way to keep your website updated with aesthetically pleasing banners and offers is to hire a photoshop expert or designer.

Social Media Integration - Other than social media sharing options, there is still more on social media integration. Things like when you add a product to your website can also automatically add to your Facebook store. The cost for things like can be expensive, but once automate them, you can cut out many other expenses.

Payment Gateway

There are many payment providers in India. Some of the popular providers are PayUMoney, PayPal, RazorPay, CC Avenue, etc. You should analyze and find out which payment provider is right for your website that depends on the integration of API and how much commission fee you willing to pay.

Shipping Partners

Shipping partners are the ones who safely transport your products and deliver them to your customers. There are a lot of shipping companies available who ship all over the country or only a particular state. FedEx has excellent customer service in India, and also, they ship all over India. Also, it would help if you had a tie-up with India post because the charges are low to send locally. Take your time before choosing your shipping partners because your customers must receive the products safely and securely. If you find it challenging to partner with many shipping providers, you could tie-up with shipping platform companies such as ShipRocket. Platforms like ShipRocket have many courier companies working for them, and they will tell who are the shipping providers are available at the pin codes you give. You could just easily choose from that list. And yes, platforms like this will charge more than the usual direct approach. If you are choosing a platform like ShipRocket, beware of scam companies such as Zepo.

Customer Support

It does not matter whether you are a single vendor website or not; your site must provide a minimum level of at least chat support. Whatever the issue the customer faces, the customer should be able to contact your business and take necessary action immediately quickly—things like this help to create a trustworthy online store. It is your responsibility to help your customers understand the problems.

By following these, you will be able to create a standard with your online store. Do a lot more of market analysis before you do anything, spend your money carefully. Understanding things are crucial instead of spending a lot on marketing instead of development. We hope this is helpful to you. Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for business lessons.