Onam is the harvest festival and celebrated with great pomp in South India. Onam is also known as Thiruonam, which means sacred Onam day. Interestingly, Onam is celebrated for welcoming King Mahabali who ruled over Kerala.

This celebration is to commemorate King Mahabali and believe that he visited Kerala at the time of Thiruvonam.

Onam Celebrations & Events

Onam is a traditional ritual or custom in the first month of Chingam in the Malayalam Calendar. This festival is celebrated up to ten days in a different way in a marvelous manner.

Day 1 as Atham :

At Atham, start the "Pookalam" with different flowers for welcoming the King Mahabali. From this day, Pookalam's size will enlarge every passing day.

Day 2 as Chithira :

In Chithira, the Pookalam layer size grows, which makes it more attractive. The various games conducted to make it more exciting and participating in all family members gather in one location.

Day 3 as Chodi :

This auspicious third day is to start shopping like household items, dressings, token their gifts, and greet their relatives and friends.

Day 4 as Vishakam :

In that Vishakam day, preparing the ingredients for the meal of Onasadya on Thiruvonam like pickles, papads, sweets, etc. The events started on this day.

Day 5 as Anizham :

Anizham day is most thriller day, Sanke or Vallamkali boat race will take place in the river Pamba at Aranmula.

Day 6 as Thriketta :

This Thriketta day, all family members and relatives joined together makes the festival a momentous occasion. Thus, conducting the various events for engaging and exhilarating ones.

Day 7 as Moolam :

On the seventh day of the Onam festival, along with the Pookalam, draws the giant. Then, decorate their swing with fabulous collections of flowers and enjoy their swing.

Day 8 as Pooradam :

This Pooradam special day, a small Pyramid placed in the center of gorgeous Pookalam that denotes King Mahabali and Lord Vishnu, who send this king for our blessings and visit the kingdom of earth.

Day 9 as Uthradom :

The special day of Uthradom, decorating their Pookalam as very special and welcoming their mythical King Mahabali.

Day 10 as Thiruvonam :

Finally, Thiruvonam is celebrated as Onam and preparing the Thiruvonam special as Thiruona Sadya enjoys their grand meal with loved ones. With opens, arms devote the king Mahaballi welcomes by traditional food, fresh fruits, Pookalam, etc.,

A Well-Known proverb in Malayalam "Kaanam Vittum Onam Unnanam"means that Even if a person is forced to sell his property, he must have the Onam lunch. This proverb makes us feel a grand feast of traditional food and an indispensable part of the festivity.

Enjoy your Onam by Kathakali, Onam dance, elephant processions, street dramas, Pulikali, boat race, etc.

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