Today, we will learn about the facts between business and startups companies. By understanding these fundamental differences, you will achieve a clear vision or goal.

What is Business?

It's an already existing model that works. For example: Let's assume you own a bakery that generates revenue, and it is going right. So if you are starting a new branch of your bakery store in some other place, you already know that this business model is proven. You already know what the things you require to run the new branch, such as employees, managers, supplies, maintenance, etc. You will implement this proven model, anything other than that won't be required.

What is a Startup?

A startup does not have a proven business model. It is just emerging a basic business idea of growing corporate. It is an incubation stage of a new idea, such as bringing new insights into life, A unique design that will solve a societal problem—finding a way to implement the plan which can generate revenue. Converting a new idea into a business is called a startup.

Business vs. Startup


  • A proven business model.
  • Lower risk of investment.
  • Easier to get loans.
  • Competing with top players.


  • Invent new methods to make it work.
  • Shorter period.
  • Monopoly player.
  • Ideas that revolutionize the market and become an industry leader.

What should you do? Business or Startup?

If you start a business, you will be competing with top players. You will get your share of the market going, but you cannot be the leader. But your business will grow gradually.

If you start a startup and become successful, you will be the Industry leader because startup ideas can make a significant impact on the market with a large margin for a long time. So this will be an advantage for your startup. Also, a startup involves high risk when it comes to investment.

The reason why startups are so popular and everybody wants to do is to make a huge impact and become a market leader. When comparing business to startups, a startup has a more scalable ratio. Banks mostly grant only loans for a proven business model, so if you a creating a startup, it is almost impossible to get the bank loans. And that's why startups seek angel investors. A business does not require much of marketing, but a startup does. Because you are bringing a new thing that people do not know about, so you will have to invest heavily in startup marketing.

I hope you learned something today and encouraged you to start a startup. Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more exciting topics.