Courier partners is a crucial thing for an online business. In this article, We will see some useful tips that you can follow on picking the best shipping for your online business.

1. Customer Base

You have to choose a courier partner that works for the customer's location. For example, let's assume you are running a business in TamilNadu, and your customers are live inside the same state. In this case, you don't have to tie up with big courier companies; instead, you should partner up with local couriers, which will help you cut some extra costs. Or, In case you have customers all over India, you should tie-up with some big courier partners in the country such as FedX, Delhivery, Bluedart, Xpressbees, etc.

2. Delivery Speed

Based on your business quality, you should increase your product delivery speed. For example, If you are selling food products online, it will require faster delivery. These deliveries are complete within 24 hours of the order time. Customers receive their products as soon as possible. In case, if your business is like our footwear business, people will accept the 3-4 days delivery time. So by choosing the right delivery partner according to speed, you could save a lot more on shipping.

For example, If you are a single vendor shopping website, you could select a medium-level courier partner to ship all over India. Or, if you are a big multi-vendor site, you should tie-up with most courier partners in India, because only this helps optimize and cut costs on shipping expenses when you ship between multiple states across the country.

3. Reliability & Support

Whatever you sell through your online platform, you should provide a service that fulfills customer requirements. For example, if a customer buys a product worth Rs.4000, they will expect better quality and support. As a seller, you are responsible for making sure that customers do not face any troubles or difficulty in receiving the product. To make that happen, your partnership with courier companies should be proper with clear communication.

4. Technical Advancement

When partnering with courier companies, you should also make sure that their API software is compatible with your website to provide order tracking, keeping track of cash on deliveries, etc. For example, if you configure your site with partners like FedX and Bluedart, customers will be able to track the order within your website. Setting API support with your website makes it easier to follow, and customers won't have to visit an external site to track their order with order IDs.

Also, setting courier API with your site control panel will make it easier to place courier orders between multiple partners.

5. RTO Charges (Return To Origin)

When a seller sends the order to a customer if the customer was not able to receive the order so it will return to the sender. And this return has a small fee from the original charges. All courier companies charge for the return orders. You can pick your courier based on low charges for return order. Or, You can choose a courier who safely returns to you correctly.

The second category in this RTO Charges is; when you send a product to a customer, the customer finds out the product is not suitable, and the customer requests the exchange of the product. To pick up the same order for a return, you can use some premium courier partners to smoothly handle the order. By tie-up with a courier partner who provides various options like these will help in the growth of your business.

6. Future Delivery Request

For example, when a product is estimated to deliver on Monday for a customer, the courier company will call the customer and make sure of their availability during the delivery time. Some times customers might request to deliver the product on another day or delay the delivery time. It is known as a future delivery request.

Most premium courier companies provide this service, and this option used to ensure the product delivered to the customer at their convenience. Some small courier companies call the customers on delivery day. If they did not get any response, they return the product to the seller, Which will cost you extra shipping charges, and it creates unreliability between you and the customer. It also could eventually lead to some loss in your online business.

7. Cost-Effective

Whatever service you pick for your online business, you should always choose a cost-effective one that works for your business budget, only then you can maintain a profitable business. If you are a small online business, spending too much on the courier partner will hurt your business. Pick a courier partner that satisfies your customer base in a cost-effective way. And it will be the best option for your business.

Bonus Tip

You must have heard of India Post courier service, and you should always keep this courier as an option in your business or at least as a backup courier. Because India Post courier has been doing very well for the past few years in TamilNadu. Most orders processed at inside TamilNadu; we are using India Post as our default option. They deliver products to the customer's doorstep as soon as possible. For example, an order delivered within two days when shipped from Coimbatore to Chennai via India Post.

To partner up with India Post, contact your head Post office in your location and ask for shipping integration with your e-com website. They will respond and verify your business, and you will have to make a prepaid payment since the India Post process only prepaid mode for e-com. The amount deducted from your prepaid money for the orders. They also provide good customer support in TamilNadu.

Thank you for reading. Stay tuned for more business lessons.