We conducted a micro-survey to know about the Girls Perspective for picking the right footwear.

Here the questions we asked.

Most people like to wear footwear in the same color as their clothes. But in Tamil Nadu, girls do think it “Doesn’t matter what color is”. Yes, we found why?
Because our traditional saree almost hides up the footwear within the dress.
Some girls pick their footwear which matches most of their wardrobe as it helps to keep the number of pairs in control.

Well, this one is may sound surprising to some people. Most places in our cities don’t have a perfect platform to walk on heels. Most of them are damaged due to terrific weather conditions. Also, heels are not as comfortable as flats. yes, some girls do prefer flats the most.

As we all know, Puma and Bata are the most trusted brands in Tamil Nadu. Additionally, Catwalk, Metro, Lavie, Crocs, Clarks and Carlton comes in the top trusted brands among girls.

On Average, a girl owns a minimum of two pairs and a maximum of 20 pairs of footwear.

Since this article is only based on a micro-survey and very little data. I can’t come to any conclusion but this might help out some girls on their perspective on buying footwear.
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