During a chat with one of the GTrendz Sellers, He asked me to share some facts to share with our readers. Which could help identify the duplicate products.

Unlike other products, it is easy to identify fake products in footwear. You can stick with these following facts, to identify original & fake.

Original Product

The EAN or Product code will be present on the box and product. It easy to notice the craft quality and a good finish on the product. The original footwear will be less in weight for greater comfort. You could feel the difference between the original and fake by trying them on.

Duplicate Product

There will be no EAN/Product code in product and package-box. Improper finishing on edges and usage of hard/rough materials which weighs a lot & also could cause serious health problems.

If you get more than 30% discount for the product, so there is a definite possibility that it could be fake. Always check the trustworthiness of the website or retailer before buying it.

The drawback of using fake products are

  • Causes serious health issues.
  • No durability of the product.
  • Waste of money.

So that’s it for today’s tip on how & why to avoid fake footwear. Stay tuned with our blog for more exciting tips, and guides.