Dear readers, have you ever thought of the history of footwear? Well, let me share some facts with you. Footwears came into existence around 40,000 years ago. Yes, that's a really long time ago.

Why did people start using footwear?

A simple human need to protect our self from the environment made us look for the possibilities to invent new things. We invented footwear to protect our feet from uneven surfaces, heat, cold, and sharp things.  Today, footwear has evolved from a protective-wear to beautifying accessories in modern fashion.

Evolution of Footwear

During different centuries, there were different views of the world, different understandings of culture and art, different economic and political factors which played an important role in the materials, shapes, prints, and style used in footwear.

During the Middle Ages (5th - 15th century), high heels, boots were considered prestigious, also associated with power, and the desire to look larger than life. The slaves and peasants remained barefoot in this period.

One of the interesting things about footwear used in olden ages was without left and right differentiation. Olden age footwears are made up of coconut leaves, fur, leathers, and wood.

After Jan Ernst Matzeliger developed a shoe making method which allowed to make 700 pairs a day. Footwear became accessible to everyone. And finally, from the middle of the 19th century, footwear for the left and right foot became different.

Later in the 19th century, modification in design, structure, fabric varieties such as velvet, the cloth was introduced.

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